Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Building Community

I've been thinking about "community" recently and how I might be able to foster community here in Indiana. My specific interests are energy and food independence, however, I'd want to include anyone interested in starting a "Natural Enterprise".

I've always been a sort of 'loner'... not in the social sense, no problems making new friends being so loquacious and all, but in the sense of either having or learning the skills to get things done. My intense focus has been great for getting things done, but is not very inclusive.

As an example of what I want to aim for, the biodiesel workshop I recently attended was a collaborative effort between Solar Energy International and Piedmont Biofuels. The people at Piedmont (in particular the people I met, Rachel Burton, Matt Rudolf, and Lyle Estill) have created an excellent environment for people to live in while allowing everyone to explore what they love.

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