Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Made my first Rocket Stove!

Used 3" ducting for a 2' flue and a 30 qt aluminum outdoor turkey deep fat fryer with stand as the body. Used sand as the filler/insulator.

First impressions:
- Simple to make!
- Considerably less smoke than from a wood stove, but more than I expected/hoped
- Burns wood fast and needs constant attention
- Soot formed on the flue
- Hot sparks shoot out when adjusting the wood
- Sometimes adjusting the wood caused flame to shoot out at least 2 feet -- that's four feet of flame including the flue!
- No hot spots on the aluminum container
- Two hours after the fire went out, the sand and pot were nice and warm

- When the flame shot out, there was nearly no smoke
- Need to figure out a configuration that allows it to burn hot more consistently
- Could easily add an "oven"
- Wondering how I can modify it for storing more heat since most of the heat escapes out the flue
- Wondering how I can add a kiln chamber for making char (terra preta de indio).