Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Fever encouraging me to start posting again!

Posted the following at MetaFilter this morning:
Temperate Permaculture Forest Garden Wiki

One of the most important permaculture practices is building successful polycultures. The internet is full of great gardening resources (such as the Plants for a Future database) but severely lack information when it comes to integrating plants for maximum benefit as in a polyculture. I recently discovered one possible remedy at the Apios Institute's Edible Forest Garden Wiki.

The site appears to be divided into two areas: free access and paid membership. I've not investigated the membership area yet, but the free access content is high quality. It appears that the site is just starting up and one of the content authors is Eric Toensmeier, coauthor of the two volume, encyclopedic, Edible Forest Gardens books. In fact, the free content appears to be additional details from one of the case studies presented in the books.