Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring has Sprung at the Asberry Acres Permaculture Forest Garden!

Back in December I was in a Menards to get some remodeling supplies. As I walked past the clearance shelves, I saw boxes of various Narcissus - L. varieties for less than a $1 each. Considering they are deer and rodent resistant/deterrent and that they're one of my favorite flowers1, I bought them all (except for the double flower varieties)! Only about 5 of the 100 or so bulbs didn't sprout, so I'm very happy with their survival rate. Yesterday my youngest daughter and I spent most of the almost 70° afternoon planting those bulbs in the typical places like next to the house, around the mailbox, and around various other man-made eyesores. I'm hoping they'll be fruitful and multiply so I can then plant them around my young trees in the permaculture forest garden to protect the roots from our pesky field mice neighbors until the trees can mature.

All-in-all it was a beautiful day and a wonderful time with my Sweet-E. Well, except for my slightly sunburned bald pate and unbelievably sore knees and thighs!

1. Useful Functions: Pretty flowers, strongly deer and rodent resistant/deterrent, Spring flowering