Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Asberry Acres Permaculture Forest Farm - Unexpected Finds In The Garden

Quick update this morning with some tasty treats growing in the garden.

First, I found this 2' patch of Chenopodium album growing out in the polyculture area of the garden:
Big patch of Goosefoot/Lamb's Quarters - sauteed in garlic and butter, yum!
I think the fern-like plants growing with them are a member of the Daucus family since they have a very carrot-y smell when I pull them up.The roots aren't very extensive though. When they flower, if they're umbels, that should better verify my guess.

On the way back through the raised beds, I found these:
Baby green peppers
The tomatillos also look like they're close to fruiting. And finally, my first planted purple potatoes are starting to die back. Blue mashed potatoes may be on my dinner plate soon!