Saturday, November 17, 2007

Autumn Memories

I love the fall... the crisp in the air not yet quite biting at my nose, the bright sun playing with the ominous gray clouds, but mostly... the leaves.

I remember, as a kid, putting on my jacket and gloves. They'll keep me toasty warm. The leaves crinkling under my feet, twhish thwash, as I run through them with complete abandon. I round the leaves up, pushing them into a little pile. And, as soon as it's big enough... JUMP! Over and over again, going deep, almost to the solidness of the earth.

And then, breathless from my simple joys, I just lie there on my back, arms and legs spread wide. The leaves warming me, protecting me from the wind. Breathing in the sweet, tangy smell of the leaves. Happy that I'm alive.

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