Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Edible Forest Garden: Borage

One of my interests right now is in securing a sustainable food source for my family and local community. I think that Edible Forest Gardens are the way to go. More about that later...

Borage looks like a potential multi-use plant with greens, seed, oil, medicine, nectary, and predator insect shelter uses. It appears to be invasive, however, it's rated to Zone 7. For Zone 6, if it requires a cold frame or thick mulch to protect it from the winter, then I should be able to limit it's spread. Since the leaves are rich with potassium and calcium, should be able to cut the plant back when it does get vigorous and use it in a compost tea!

Here are some medicinal facts regarding borage:

Thanks tiabin!


Dan Patrick said...

I've actually been doing a ton of reading on borage oil. I just started taking mega doses of it... Wanting to see if that whole stress reduction thing is true. ;-) (I saw the same study)

Dale Asberry said...

You need to be cautious about using megadoses of substances that are immunosuppressant.

Aspirin, for instance, is an immunosuppressant. At some point, the dosage prevents the stomach from responding appropriately and bacteria breaks down the stomach lining.

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