Thursday, July 7, 2011

Asberry Acres Permaculture Forest Farm - Experiment: Black Garlic

While  browsing the web, found something that sounded interesting:
Black garlic is a type of fermented garlic used as a food ingredient in Asian cuisine. It is made by fermenting whole bulbs of garlic at high temperature, a process that results in black cloves. The taste is sweet and syrupy with hints of balsamic vinegar or even tamarind.
Since I love garlic, I'm going to be growing a lot of garlic here. Although the garlic is hardly ready for harvesting, I still wanted to experiment to see if I could make it. So, made a quick trip to the closest Big-Box store where I found a cooker that heated at low enough temps to encourage fermenting without actually cooking the garlic. I also got about 3 pounds of garlic.

I excitedly prepared the cooker and the garlic as my recipe indicated and started on my 40 day journey! When I left for work, everything looked fine at 140°. Later in the day discovered that the kitchen had an intense garlic smell so moved it out to the mud/utility room. After work, I went out to check on it and was greeted with the most intense garlic smell I've ever known. Wunderbar!
With 39 days left, it's a little warm at 150°